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Geometric forms, colour statements and wood: Is this Scandinavian inspired jewellery design?

I was recently told that my taste for combining raw wood with bright colours was a very Scandinavian thing to do. But I’m in Berlin and my inspiration for the pieces in question from collection EARLY ORBIT had come from further away than Finnland and Denmark. Was I unconsciously inspired by nordic designers? I really had to look into this.


1. Scandinavian design is about the beauty of the pure geometrical form

Scandinavian design is renowned for it’s clean aesthetic appeal. Most definitely, the merit of successful designers like Arne Jacobsen, who designed the classic egg chair with its body-hugging shape and comfort back in the ’50s. Or the Finn Eero Aarnio without whom many movies from the late ’60s and onwards would be missing one of their most talked about stars: the hugely iconic ball chair.

Arne Jacobsen in his Egg Chair Still with Ball Chair from the movie "Moon Zero Two"


Geometric shapes: 7/10

2. Skandinavian style is about making a colour statement

Before you scroll down to see the pic, try imagine the lushest bunch of flowers blooming in all the colours of the rainbow all at once. Great, right? But not very Skandinavian. Not that they don’t appreciate flowers there! They do. So much, in fact, that each one gets its own vase to show off its individual beauty and colour. This way, their richness can be fully appreciated and displayed for maximum effect.

Photo by: Skärmavbild by Marjon Hoogervorst


Monochromatic colour: 7/10

3. When you google “Scandinavian Design”, a lot of wooden furniture shows up

Wooood’s that? One of the most versatile natural materials that does not only come in many shades but can be turned into many things for the home. Or for the body, like I do. Especially the younger design labels from Scandinavia never get tired of emphasizing the natural beauty that wood possesses. Its pattern is as unique as a fingerprint, this especially shows when treated with oil or wax.Photo by HAY - Stephan Diez for HAY Copenhague


Natural wood: 10/10 

And the conclusion to the question if I am influenced by nordic design is …

… undeniably, there is some common ground. I got 24 out of 30 points on the (un)conscious influential potential scale for Scandinavian inspired jewellery (I had to introduce this one to have some sort of means to go by). A good reason to finally consciously pay tribute to my inspirations. I already have something in mind. This is what I’ll call it: “POLARIS” – the north star. Quite fitting for EARLY ORBIT‘s sister from another mister – don’t you think? Watch this space! Or follow MATTER Design on Facebook! You won’t miss a thing there.

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